Project Management Dream !!

What makes a good project manager a good one !? I don't know , I even ask myself is there good PM on the Earth !? I guess not !! , Project management is a big far dream that is so hard to come true I found many people who were working in development and then after they got older they jumped to the world of PM ain't this strange ?! I remember projects that I was working on with no PM at all , I even once was working on one project and the in-charge person ( who's called PM ) was doing nothing at all except putting some irrelevant poorly categorized tasks on MS Project , and by the way they were always considering anybody uses MS Project a Project manager , and I ask myself ain't MS Project a tool it's not a project management methodology.?!
Unfortunately most of the employed project managers are employed because they are old and once they were developers even poor ones !
I remember when my ex-company employed on person as a GM ( general manager ) he wasn't that good and he was leading the wrong way although he was 41 years old.
PM is a very dangerous issue we should go back to science and don't employ people because they have exceeded the 30 years and they can manage now this's totally wrong and I have suffered and still suffering from bad project management.
Sometimes they consider it to be over-smart and kill and squeeze your developers to get the maxmium output on their dead bodies ...!!


#develop (short for SharpDevelop) is a free IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft's .NET platform. It is open-source (GPL), and you can download both sourcecode and executables from this site. In addition, you can find the latest information and changes on #develop, as well as get in touch with the team in the forum.

Database Fragmenter

Download Sample ( VS.NET 2003 )


This sample I have done to fragment one table into any number of tables based on one condition entered by the user and a name for the new table for example if you have a "Students" table which contains one "Age" column you can supply a condition as " Age > 10 " and enter a name as " StudentsOlderThanTen " this will make a new table into the database called " StudentsOlderThanTen " based on the criteria you have just entered and will also log your query into a table that holds the new table name and condition you supplied.

How to run
  1. Create new SQL database named "fragment"
  2. Rebuild the solution file and run the application
  3. Create the students table then fill students data
  4. Create FragmentCatalog table
  5. Now, you can make many fragments after making each new fragment you should go to enterprise manager and check new created table and verify that it's logged into the fragmentCatalog table

Note : this is not the best way to verify this requiremtn but I did it in so short time !

ASP.NET Barcode Generator

GotDotNet User Sample: ASP.NET Barcode Generator

How to hide an HTML table row

SitePoint Forums - javascript to hide row in table

DotNetOpenMail: an open source email library for

DotNetOpenMail is an open source email library it's helpful.
DotNetOpenMail: an open source email library for

Google Maps

Google Maps

Xin Chen Simplified Application Framework (SAF)

Read this sample chapter from " Developing Application Frameworks in .NET by Xin Chen ", Xin Chen introduces how to make a application framework for a B2B application and he divides the application framework into 2 main divisions : domain specific components and cross-domain components; cross-domain components are mandatory for each enterprise application such as Cashing , Security , and Cryptography ..., domain specific components are exclusive to the appllication specifics , in this book Xin builds a WorkFlow and DocumentLayer Components.
What's intersting about this SAF is that Xin employs Design Patterns in all the components built.

MSDN Nuggets

MSDN Nuggets by MS UK is a great and fast resource if you have no time to watch a one hour webcast or read a 20 pages tutorial just check out MSDN Nuggets

Martin Fowler's Blog

Martin Fowler's Bliki

Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Scott Guthrie on ASP.NET 2.0

Scott Guthrie on ASP.NET 2.0

SOA: behind the hype

SOA: behind the hype

Inside Visual Studio 2005

Tim Anderson has a wide-ranging discussion with Craig Symonds, general manager of the Visual Studio product team at Microsoft Corporation, covering the forthcoming version of Visual Studio, Microsoft's relationship with the open source community, the problems of migrating from Visual Basic 6.0, deployment issues, 64-bit computing, and whether Visual C++ really is faster than C#.
Inside Visual Studio 2005

Enterprise Templates Booklet

Enterprise Templates Booklet

ORM Resources

Get a lot of ORM whitepapers and tutorials

Model-Driven Architecture

The OMG is proposing Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) as the solution to the software crisis. Matt Nicholson went to OMG Information Day 2002 to find out what it's all about.
Model-Driven Architecture

Designing applications with Whidbey

Tim Anderson asks Keith Short, Microsoft's Architect for Enterprise Frameworks and Tools, about the company's strategy with regards to application design and architecture, and how this will be represented in the next version of Visual Studio.
Designing applications with Whidbey

Mozilla FireFox Browser

Do you know that you have an alternative to Ineternet Explorer , you can use many browsers around like NetScape or Opera , but the evolving FireFox is spreading these days and it's widely used now , FireFox is more secure than IE as it's not yet targeted by hackers and it's usable and actually I was astonished by the speedy way it downloads pages I felt it's so faster than IE maybe it's 3x faster.

FireFox Features
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Built-in Popup blocker
  • Firefox is cross-platform ; it's not exclusive to Windows, it's runnable on all Windows versions , Mac OS , and Linux
  • FireFox Extensions , you can install any extensions you like. and extend your browser with unlimited feature set. to get all the extensions installed and update/get new extensions , click tools menu and select extensions, I was amazed by all this big number of extensions.
  • Extensions are open source and Mozilla proiveds tools for developers to compose their own extensions that are compatible to FireFox

FireFox Best Extensions

  • Themes : change the look of FireFox
  • Dictionary : you can select any word and select dictionary search from the popup menu , FireFox opens a new tab showing the meaning of the word
  • AdBlocker
  • ForeCastFox : shows forecast on your toolbar and you can select your location and number of days to show
  • FeedView : it's an amazing tool that shows you news feeds in a professional polished way instead of standard XML view that you get when you click one RSS/Atom feed.

Firefox has a built-in download manager , FireFox shows just one window showing all the status of all the current downloads and it downloads so fast compared to IE.

FireFox search capabilities are great just click Ctrl+F as you do in IE and you will get a floating panel at the bottom of FireFox try to type any word and FireFox will select the first matched word in your page , it's very fast and efficient !!

What are you waiting for go and Download FireFox

PaySat is Running

I was just talking to my ex-teamleader , Akram, he told me that " PaySat is running and it made 50,000 USD transactions ".
PaySat is the last project I was working on at Macrocell it's a payment processor just like PayPal and 2Checkout. I can never forget long nights I spent at office to just fix a bug or add one feature to make it better , I was really taken by this project and the idea of accessing MasterCard and Visa networks. I have the honor to work on such a project and I did a lot to make it better, I was working with Akram day and night to make it see the light. I was a team lead in PaySat Project and I was supervising a motivated team of developers . We, all , did a great job , inspite of many obstacels and flaws , but at the end we reached our goal ..
All the greetings to PaySat , and to Macrocell too !!

Microsoft .NET Glossary

I liked this glossary from Developer.Com, you can check it at .NET Glossary

Frontpage Extensions Article

liked this article about frontpage extension :

My Mind is Very Big !!

Today I was taking my driving class ,I am new to Dubai and I am getting my license here, my teacher is from Bangladesh he is a cute guy and I think that he is very professional I liked the way he teaches me. But when I go to take my class every morning I find my head full of thoughts maybe due to work , or because I am a homesick !. Actually I am sick and yesterday I saw a doctor. Anyway I was driving and I did some small mistakes so my teacher shout in my face and told me " Why do you think so much , Just do it man !! " . I actaully try to compare between driving and software projects .. I think that we shouldn't think so much before start we should compromise between design time and production time I think the right ratio should be ( 30% - 70% ).
Then I did another mistake he utter aloud " Kareem , your mind is very big but you should know how to use it perfectly.! " . I liked that word so much yes I should think well and I should know how to use my mind the right way. Inside everybody a big power he should know how to better use it , and how to leverage each and every talent inside hisself .
I will try to relax and make my mind clear, I should make my mind so , you also should make it so don't think so much in your problems because this will get you one more problem which is " sinking in your problems !" just sit alone and try to analyze your problems and put all the probablities and suggested solution right based on your current situation.
If we come back to science when we face any problem we will solve it !!

So " My mind is very big " I will try to clear my mind next time !