My Mind is Very Big !!

Today I was taking my driving class ,I am new to Dubai and I am getting my license here, my teacher is from Bangladesh he is a cute guy and I think that he is very professional I liked the way he teaches me. But when I go to take my class every morning I find my head full of thoughts maybe due to work , or because I am a homesick !. Actually I am sick and yesterday I saw a doctor. Anyway I was driving and I did some small mistakes so my teacher shout in my face and told me " Why do you think so much , Just do it man !! " . I actaully try to compare between driving and software projects .. I think that we shouldn't think so much before start we should compromise between design time and production time I think the right ratio should be ( 30% - 70% ).
Then I did another mistake he utter aloud " Kareem , your mind is very big but you should know how to use it perfectly.! " . I liked that word so much yes I should think well and I should know how to use my mind the right way. Inside everybody a big power he should know how to better use it , and how to leverage each and every talent inside hisself .
I will try to relax and make my mind clear, I should make my mind so , you also should make it so don't think so much in your problems because this will get you one more problem which is " sinking in your problems !" just sit alone and try to analyze your problems and put all the probablities and suggested solution right based on your current situation.
If we come back to science when we face any problem we will solve it !!

So " My mind is very big " I will try to clear my mind next time !

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