WSS 2.0 Fast Installation

After so many trials with installation of Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 , I got so many problems , once I found my Default website corrupted , so away from Frontpage extensions problems and that stuff I will tell you a workaround to avoid any collapse to IIS, I will not talk about the installation prerequisities and that stuff I asume that you know you run Windows 2003 ( any edition ).
So you will need to do the following :
  1. Strat/Run.
  2. type inetmgr , this will open IIS manager.
  3. right click default website and change the port number to 90 ( any number other than 80 ).
  4. right click websites and create a new website call it for example WSS.
  5. assign WSS website a port number 80.
  6. run setup.
  7. select Typicall installation.
  8. it will take up to 5 minutes or more and you will get many command line scripts running.
  9. after you finish replace port numbers assign 80 for the default website and 90 to WSS.
  10. you can use this url to run WSS http://localhost:90/default.aspx

Have fun with WSS.

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