Database Fragmenter

Download Sample ( VS.NET 2003 )


This sample I have done to fragment one table into any number of tables based on one condition entered by the user and a name for the new table for example if you have a "Students" table which contains one "Age" column you can supply a condition as " Age > 10 " and enter a name as " StudentsOlderThanTen " this will make a new table into the database called " StudentsOlderThanTen " based on the criteria you have just entered and will also log your query into a table that holds the new table name and condition you supplied.

How to run
  1. Create new SQL database named "fragment"
  2. Rebuild the solution file and run the application
  3. Create the students table then fill students data
  4. Create FragmentCatalog table
  5. Now, you can make many fragments after making each new fragment you should go to enterprise manager and check new created table and verify that it's logged into the fragmentCatalog table

Note : this is not the best way to verify this requiremtn but I did it in so short time !

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