Google Print

Google Print ( formerly known as Google Books ) is working as a beta project, it's really a fun, Google as approved before held agreements with 2 corporations the first is Publishers, second is Libraries, they digitized most of the books and, you can enter any word you like then you will get results in a very nifty look, then once you select any book you will have the following sections on the left panel :
  • Book Cover.
  • Search within this book section.
  • Book Pages; includes index, TOC, Copyrights, Pagination Navigator, and About this book.
  • Buy this Book; includes links to online stores that you can buy this book from, and of course you will find Amazon listed there.

You'll need to login to Google using your Gmail account to be able to view the page containing your search keyword, however they also offer some pages that are avialable for everybody with no need to login; Google says that they did that as they need to restrict access as all contents are under copyright, don't expect to get many pages as it's only to discover books not to read books' contents, you will not be able to copy text as the results is coming as images not text, but you can Save As the page as an alternative.