Distributed BTS 2006 Configuration Tips

Sometimes BizTalk Server 2006 configuration is getting a tough task, I've been through a problem to configure BTS on more than one machine, hosting the databses on a SQL Server 2005 machine, and BTS on another different machine on the same domain, and I have got so many error messages, all of those were because of credentials; BizTalk Server domain accounts are not able to create or manage databases on the SQL Server machines, so 2 things you will have to ensure they are done, when configuring BTS on more than one machine:
  1. DTC is enabled on both SQL Server and BizTalk Server machines, you can refer to DTC configuration at this troubleshooting BTS configuration at technet.
  2. Creating all the BizTalk and SSO windows groups required by BTS to access the respective SQL Server host, basically you will need to create the following groups:

    - Biztalk Isolated Host Users
    - Biztalk Application Users
    - SSO Administrators
    - Biztalk Server Administrators

If you come through any error while configuring, check the group that needs to be created and create it locally on SQL Server machine, then edit the newly created local groups, add each corresponding BizTalk domain group to the respective local group ( e.g. local BizTalk Application Users to domainName\BizTalk Application Users ), so BTS will have access to databases.