UML Demo

9 months ago , I prepared a UML demo for some developers who had no knowledge about it , it simple but contains most of the items you are going to use mostly ..
Download UML Demo ( MS PowerPoint)

Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant

Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant

Consistent Website Design

Abstract : With ASP.NET there comes new ways of doing things. One of these is maintaining a consistent design across your website. This article will go over several methods that are now avalible to you.
Read the full story at aspalliance

[Debate] VB.NET vs C#

We want to discuss the difference between VB.NET and C# , from different perspectives as performance , coding styles, the easier one to beused , learnability , language features.., so share us in this debate release your thoughts :)

ASP.NET Validation Behavior Cleared Out

This article I wrote it so long time ago , you can read the article at
Happy to get your comments ..!

Session About RSS , Blogs , ATOM

Few months ago , I was working for macrocell and I managed a session about RSS, Bloggers, and ATOM, I enjoyed that session so much and the attendees as well , most of guys attended that session have recently published their blogs online , I recommend this session to everybody around who's not fully familiar with blogs and RSS life !
Download Session ( Microsoft Power Point )

BizTalkers (Tareq Muhammad)

BizTalkers (Tareq Muhammad)

Tech Talks Inauguration

Hi All Friends , this is my technical blog, so pleased to provide it to you , the context of this blog will be centered around technical conversations we're going to be exchanging thoughts , I hope this blog will be a repository of our thoughts , thanks ..