Searching PDF Content on MOSS 2007

Crawler process, crawling the content on SharePoint site, needs a decryptor to read different files contents, and crawl and index it, the crawlere uses the appropriate IFitler to read and extract data from target content source, actually IFilter is the file's reader that enables the crawler to understand the content of the file, and the IFilter loaded depends on the content source type ( .doc, .xls, .PDF ).

SharePoint comes with built-in IFilters such as Microsoft Office files IFilters and HTML Ifilters, for the full list of IFilters please refer to this link.
I have been asked so many times how to search PDF content on MOSS 2007, and the good news is that, to let MOSS 2007, PDF IFilter has to be installed on the server.

Adobe has an IFilter that was released for SPS 2003, but yet it can be installed on MOSS 2007, download Adobe PDF IFitler v6.0, to install it on SPS 2003, please refer to Microsof Support Article, to install it on MOSS 2007, please refer to Jerry's Blog, it explains how to install and configure it.

If you want to search any kind of content you have to install and configure the appropriate IFitler, please visit IFilter Shop to see some commercial IFitlers to search differnet content such as MindManager and CHM.

Update: 8th, May, 2008, 4:30 PM
I have found another way to filter and index PDF content on MSDN blogs, using Adobe Reader 8, please refer to this article to know more about it.
Indexing pdf documents with Adobe Reader v.8 and MOSS 2007


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