After so long time of searching Google and other search engines, I have been looking for a good strong, not simple, Issue/Bug management system, I used to use mantis at my ex-company, it's open source one and it's very strong but I heared that it has a couple of security bugs, and honestly the UI is so poor, moreover it's PHP & MySQL based, and I prefer .NET one.
I will not mention the applications I downloaded/installed and then I find them so simple and not satisfying my needs, but I have the pleasure to say that I finally found a good and strong application which is Gemini

Geminin is used by big companies like : DHL , UPS, Motorola.

Gemini is C#/ASP.NET issue management system, it's full featured and it's very powerful, UI is not bad, let me mention the top features I liked about Gemini
  • Multi-Project mangement.
  • Componentized Projects.
  • Time Tracking for issues.
  • Adding Custom Fields.
  • VSS Integration.
  • Strong roles/permissions strategy.
  • Supports Firefox.
  • Attachements are allowed ( but only one file is allowed which is one restriction I noted ).
  • Notifications module, which can be customized.
  • Almost everything in Gemini can be customized.
  • Rich set of filters and search, and the best one is my work which is a link lists all your issues, and you can create custom filters and save them to be used anytime.
  • Issues can be exported to Excel.
  • Good Reporting module.
  • Supports both Forms and Windows authentication.
  • Gantt chart is one good feature.
  • You can post issues to Gemini by just sending one email.

Gemini is the one I was looking for I am so happy with it, esp. they provide 10 users free license, and the most thing I liked about Gemini is installation which is piece of cake, you have 2 installation wizards one for DB and the other for the web application, you will just need to send mail to Gemini and get your license key , inster it into your web.config.

Documentation also is a very good one, I find the user guide is a very good resource to know ins and outs of the Gemini, Enjoy it !

Google Tallk

Google Talk has been launched; it's an IM application with voice conversation capabilites, it's integrated with GMail, so you will need to login using your GMail account.

.NET Interesting Tools

  • ILMerge is a good utility to just merge some assemblies into one working assembly, it's a console application that you can use directly, and it's provided as a library as well, so you can just write your own custom code, using this library, to merge more than one assembly, the tool considers the first assembly in the list as a primary one and the others are secondary ones, in other means if the first one is an EXE so the target will be EXE, Download ILMerge
  • LibCheck is a tool that simply compares 2 versions of the same assembly, the comparison criteria is based on APIs within both assemblies, Download LibCheck

Google Books is Striving !

If you don't know Google has announced last year that it is palnning to scan millions of books and provide them online to be searchable, but most of the publishers are against this idea as they are saying it's gonna cause a lot of damage on the financial side, while Google has stated that they will scan selected topics from the book and not the entire book and once the user searches one book, he will get results and some partial contents and to see the full contents Google will provide users links to the seller's site to enable him to sell the book which will increase the popularity of the books !
"Major publishers, including Random House, John Wiley & Sons, Simon & Schuster, and others signed up right away to try pilot programs of the service, each sending a few thousand books."
And BTW Google will get zero revenue from this process, I think it will be a good idea for all the fonds of Google, and it will get the publishers' incomes up !
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