After so long time of searching Google and other search engines, I have been looking for a good strong, not simple, Issue/Bug management system, I used to use mantis at my ex-company, it's open source one and it's very strong but I heared that it has a couple of security bugs, and honestly the UI is so poor, moreover it's PHP & MySQL based, and I prefer .NET one.
I will not mention the applications I downloaded/installed and then I find them so simple and not satisfying my needs, but I have the pleasure to say that I finally found a good and strong application which is Gemini

Geminin is used by big companies like : DHL , UPS, Motorola.

Gemini is C#/ASP.NET issue management system, it's full featured and it's very powerful, UI is not bad, let me mention the top features I liked about Gemini
  • Multi-Project mangement.
  • Componentized Projects.
  • Time Tracking for issues.
  • Adding Custom Fields.
  • VSS Integration.
  • Strong roles/permissions strategy.
  • Supports Firefox.
  • Attachements are allowed ( but only one file is allowed which is one restriction I noted ).
  • Notifications module, which can be customized.
  • Almost everything in Gemini can be customized.
  • Rich set of filters and search, and the best one is my work which is a link lists all your issues, and you can create custom filters and save them to be used anytime.
  • Issues can be exported to Excel.
  • Good Reporting module.
  • Supports both Forms and Windows authentication.
  • Gantt chart is one good feature.
  • You can post issues to Gemini by just sending one email.

Gemini is the one I was looking for I am so happy with it, esp. they provide 10 users free license, and the most thing I liked about Gemini is installation which is piece of cake, you have 2 installation wizards one for DB and the other for the web application, you will just need to send mail to Gemini and get your license key , inster it into your web.config.

Documentation also is a very good one, I find the user guide is a very good resource to know ins and outs of the Gemini, Enjoy it !

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