Google Books is Striving !

If you don't know Google has announced last year that it is palnning to scan millions of books and provide them online to be searchable, but most of the publishers are against this idea as they are saying it's gonna cause a lot of damage on the financial side, while Google has stated that they will scan selected topics from the book and not the entire book and once the user searches one book, he will get results and some partial contents and to see the full contents Google will provide users links to the seller's site to enable him to sell the book which will increase the popularity of the books !
"Major publishers, including Random House, John Wiley & Sons, Simon & Schuster, and others signed up right away to try pilot programs of the service, each sending a few thousand books."
And BTW Google will get zero revenue from this process, I think it will be a good idea for all the fonds of Google, and it will get the publishers' incomes up !
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