PaySat is Running

I was just talking to my ex-teamleader , Akram, he told me that " PaySat is running and it made 50,000 USD transactions ".
PaySat is the last project I was working on at Macrocell it's a payment processor just like PayPal and 2Checkout. I can never forget long nights I spent at office to just fix a bug or add one feature to make it better , I was really taken by this project and the idea of accessing MasterCard and Visa networks. I have the honor to work on such a project and I did a lot to make it better, I was working with Akram day and night to make it see the light. I was a team lead in PaySat Project and I was supervising a motivated team of developers . We, all , did a great job , inspite of many obstacels and flaws , but at the end we reached our goal ..
All the greetings to PaySat , and to Macrocell too !!

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