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Do you know that you have an alternative to Ineternet Explorer , you can use many browsers around like NetScape or Opera , but the evolving FireFox is spreading these days and it's widely used now , FireFox is more secure than IE as it's not yet targeted by hackers and it's usable and actually I was astonished by the speedy way it downloads pages I felt it's so faster than IE maybe it's 3x faster.

FireFox Features
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Built-in Popup blocker
  • Firefox is cross-platform ; it's not exclusive to Windows, it's runnable on all Windows versions , Mac OS , and Linux
  • FireFox Extensions , you can install any extensions you like. and extend your browser with unlimited feature set. to get all the extensions installed and update/get new extensions , click tools menu and select extensions, I was amazed by all this big number of extensions.
  • Extensions are open source and Mozilla proiveds tools for developers to compose their own extensions that are compatible to FireFox

FireFox Best Extensions

  • Themes : change the look of FireFox
  • Dictionary : you can select any word and select dictionary search from the popup menu , FireFox opens a new tab showing the meaning of the word
  • AdBlocker
  • ForeCastFox : shows forecast on your toolbar and you can select your location and number of days to show
  • FeedView : it's an amazing tool that shows you news feeds in a professional polished way instead of standard XML view that you get when you click one RSS/Atom feed.

Firefox has a built-in download manager , FireFox shows just one window showing all the status of all the current downloads and it downloads so fast compared to IE.

FireFox search capabilities are great just click Ctrl+F as you do in IE and you will get a floating panel at the bottom of FireFox try to type any word and FireFox will select the first matched word in your page , it's very fast and efficient !!

What are you waiting for go and Download FireFox

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