Project Management Dream !!

What makes a good project manager a good one !? I don't know , I even ask myself is there good PM on the Earth !? I guess not !! , Project management is a big far dream that is so hard to come true I found many people who were working in development and then after they got older they jumped to the world of PM ain't this strange ?! I remember projects that I was working on with no PM at all , I even once was working on one project and the in-charge person ( who's called PM ) was doing nothing at all except putting some irrelevant poorly categorized tasks on MS Project , and by the way they were always considering anybody uses MS Project a Project manager , and I ask myself ain't MS Project a tool it's not a project management methodology.?!
Unfortunately most of the employed project managers are employed because they are old and once they were developers even poor ones !
I remember when my ex-company employed on person as a GM ( general manager ) he wasn't that good and he was leading the wrong way although he was 41 years old.
PM is a very dangerous issue we should go back to science and don't employ people because they have exceeded the 30 years and they can manage now this's totally wrong and I have suffered and still suffering from bad project management.
Sometimes they consider it to be over-smart and kill and squeeze your developers to get the maxmium output on their dead bodies ...!!

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