BTS 2006 DB Vocabulary Problem

I have been facing this problem with Business Rules Composer, whenever I try to create a new vocabulary, that's pointing to a database column I get the above error, and actually I wasn't aware about what's going on behind the scenes, I do the following steps to create a new database based vocabulary:
  • Launch Business Rules Composer.
  • Right click Vocabularies, and select Add New Vocabulary.
  • Under the new vocabulary right click Version 1.0 (not saved), and select Add New Definition.
  • Select Database Table or Column.
  • The wizard shows the settings page for the database table or column definition, click Browse, from Connect to SQL Server window, enter the server configurations you want to connect to, I connect to localhost and use windows authentication.
  • Select AdventureWorks database, expand it and select any table, e.g. Address, you will get the above error message box saying: "Invalid object name {TableName}" , after so many inspections and selecting differnet tables, I tried to select another table such as AWBuildVersion, I could add it successfully and selected the field I want to add as a definition, I concluded the following : "If the table you're adding is related to any schema other than dbo, you get the above error.", I tried to find out a resolution to this issue but I couldn't, if anybody has a solution please reply to this post!.

Note: I tried to create a new database, in case AW database has any special configuration, and added 2 tables one with dbo schema and the other with another schema I created, then I tried to add a new definition, but I faced the same problem; I could use the dbo schema table, but for the other table it throws the same error.


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