Visio 2007 AutoConnect

One cool feature I really liked about Visio 2007, is AutoConnect, it is a way to connect your shapes easliy and fastly, suppose that you are drawing a flowchart, and you want to connect shapes, what you used to do is to drag and drop the shape from the toolbox and then position it on a good position, and then make an arrow from or to the shape, now with AutoConnect you can do this in either of 2 ways:
  1. Select the shape from toolbox, and then click any of the transparent arrows that appear when you hover a shape on design area, this will add the shape from toolbox to the drawing area, and position it in a good place.
  2. if you've already added your shapes and you just want to connect them, hover one shape and then you will get 4 arrows on the shape's 4 corners, and when you hover one arrow, Visio will predict the best shape to connect to by higlighting destination shape by red borders, once you click the arrow, the connection will get created.

This will make your life easier, as positioning and connecting shapes is one of the irritating tasks you have to do, for more explanation and screenshots, please refer to Eric Rockey blog.


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