Windows Vista Gadgets

I have installed Vista RTM, and I have been trying gadgets, it's really nifty, so I decided to develop one, the thing is that I don't want to reinvent the wheel, I have been striving to get a good idea for a gadget, that nobody did before, then I decided to develop an extended clipboard container, that holds more than one item and the user selects the item he wants from the sidebar gadget, and I think it really helps, actually it should have been supplied with default gadgets however after doing some search to make sure this gadget is not available, I got to know that someone else on the Earth did it before, and called Text Holder, I think the download link is not there, you will need to search to get unbroken link to download, also If you have any idea for a good gadget please post a comment to this post, all ideas are welcome.


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