Windows Aero Glass and Intel

Windows Aero is just one of the cool features about Vista; simply it's the 3D effects you see everywhere in Vista, and some applications require it to be running, however 10 months back I have got my HP Pavilion dv4000 laptop, at that time the Laptop with sticked with the standard sticker "Windows Vista Capable", and these were the days of Vista as a beta OS, however from inside Vista there is one application that's checking your system performance, graphics, memory, etc.. and gives each item a rank out of five, and then the overall rank is determined as per the minimum rank you get, Unfortunately I have got 1 as an overall rank, and whe you get such a rank Aero would be disabled by Vista, but users used to change some registry keys to get Aero enabled, and so many people used Vista Beta did this trick to get Aero working, however with the release of Vista, Microsoft fixed this registry hack, and then no way to get Aero running until you have the proper rank with the proper Graphics Driver.

Coming to Drivers, in Vista you have 2 types of drivers WDDM ( Windows Display Driver Model ), and XPDM ( XP Driver Model ), my laptop has integrated graphics chipset 910/915, and I have 1.5 GB RAM, and for most of laptops that released one year back or so, you will find this chipset with most of Intel based Laptop, however I installed Vista Premium, it ran pretty well on my hmuble laptop, but I couldn't get Aero running, because Intel is not providing WDDM for the chipset claiming that the architecture for the chipset is completely different than the Vista's graphics architecture, if this is true: so how could users enable Aero in Beta Versions ???

Intel has to answer this interesting question, Intel is not willing to provide a WDDM driver for the chipset, that irritates me and thousands of users who bought laptop which is Vista Capable and now no support for this chipset, look at this thread at Intel website and you will know how much people are so annoyed about that, and some customers are willing to boycott Intel as they are not respecting customers

So you'd better check your laptop chipset and if you are willing to get a new laptop avoid this chipset get 945 models and upwards, one more thing today's laptops are sticked with Windows Vista Premium Capable if it's Premium capable then Aero will be enabled, so one more questions to Intel, 10 months back all the laptops were only marked by Vista Capable and no Premium capable I think at this time they weren't ready for Vista Aero, it's really very bad from Intel, I don't know , Am I supposed to throw my laptop and get brand new one for Aero Glass !!!!
And also the chipset is DX9 enabled, it means you can run state of the art games on it, and I am already running Half Life II on my laptop, but for some basic 3D stuff in Vista I cannot run.

I am sure one day you will get to read this post, as soon as you start upgrading to Vista, and you will get the same anger I have now with thousands of other customers, there is an online petition that I strongly recommend you to sign, maybe Intel will respect us and stop this scam, by providing a WDDM driver for Vista.

Oline Petition:

Number of signatures is 2699 at this time of writing.


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