UniveRSS : 3D RSS Reader for Vista

UniveRSS is a RSS reader, that Microsoft team has built using Windows Presentation Foundations (WPF), to show the power of .NET 3.0 and WPF, the application is awesome and eye catching, it has a black background, and the way you browse is just like you browse in games, the application uses animation and surely it's a vector graphics application, so you can zoom the text just like you do in Acrobat Reader, it also has a sliding panel that moves from left to right once you hover one item, the project is exposed to the public and you can download and study the code, the current version is limited to read RSS channels from IE7, but future versions will be so powerful and will provide all RSS functionalities, such as searching, flagging, etc.., hopefully they will provide imporing OPML channels, you will have to have Windows Aero enabled on your computer to run UniveRSS, and one galaxy represents one RSS channel, if you click a galaxy it will list all the items under this RSS channel, and if you hover one item and press the right arrow, it will open the brief content of the channel.

UniveRSS, is built using ClickOnce technology, or in other words it is zero install and zero update, every time, you will run UniveRSS it will check version and if it finds any update it will update the application and run it, I think UniveRSS is the next generation for RSS Readers, and it's an ambioutious endevour to implement WPF.

this is the first screen you get after running the appliction

and this is my blog feed from inside UniveRSS, after I added it to IE7 RSS feeds, it showed unread feed items 0, which is not correct, maybe that's a bug.


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