BizTalk Server 2006 Configuration Problem

I was configuring BizTalk Server 2006 on Windows Server 2003, actually this machine has been configured before many times, but this time every time I try to configure it either through basic or custom configuration, I have been getting SSO error, the configuration utility is not able to create a database for SSO, after sometime I remembered that I have uninstalled SQL Server 2005 before, and kept SQL Server 200 ( surely with SP4 ), and as a normal behavior for SQL Server uninstall, it keeps all the databases in data folder, so everytime I was trying to configure it by creating new databases, it was saying that the user account is not able to access the SSO database, and when I opt for using an existing that database, it was throwing an error as well, becuase the databsae file is already there just like a detached database, so if I create a new database it will not accept as the data folder contains a physical file with the same name, however I searched the data folder and found all the configuration databases that BizTalk Server configuration utility is creating, then I deleted all the log files and database files, ran the configuraion again, it worked peacefully, so next time you get configuraion errors, have a look at the SQL server data folder, maybe you will find some databases that are kep from prior configuraiton.

Note: you will only get this error for SSO because the other services are dependent on SSO and the configuration utility is creating the SSO first, then it congiures the other services.


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