Ten Essential VS.NET Add-Ins

2 years ago I read the common article by James Avery "Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now", it was of real interst; James shown in brief most of the known very famous tools known at that time, and still, like CodeSmith, NDoc, NUnit, FXCop, Regulator, Reflector, etc.., all of these tools are free they make the life of developers really easier, few days ago James published a new article but this time he's speaking about 10 Must Have VS Addins, most of them are also of interest and fun, if you are blogging I am sure you will be happy with CopySourceAsHTML, which copies your code from VS as HTML optionally with lines numbers, and you can paste it to your blog instead of wasting so long time in formatting code to be readable, also SmartParser, CacheVisualizer, TestDriven.NET, and many other great free addins, enjoy it : Ten Essential Tools: Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now.

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